TPE Injection Molding
All Kinds of Customized TPE/TPR Materials For Blow Molding, Injection Molding, Flow Rolling and Calendering
May 18, 2021

Caster Material Light/Medium/Heavy Professional Caster Custom TPE/TPR Material


Product Details, Specs and Images

Product introduction:

TPS compound pellet based on the dynamic vulcanization of SBS+PP as foundation material. The vulcanized technology not only offer material great abrasion resistance/oil resistance/compression fatigue resistance and excellent melt strength, at the time also brings a sufficient oil-locking capacity so as to ensure the matte/dry/no dust sticking(anti-soil) surface of the final products. Especially when used for casters and wheels, it offers a lower resistance during static push. Environmental friendly, it contains no PAHs, and it could comply with the ROHS directive and related requirements of the REACH regulation.


Grade: LT7503 and etc.

Hardness:55/65/75/85/90 shore A

Estimated delivery time: 15 days

Packaging:  PP bag, 25 KG /bag

MOQ: 1 ton