TPE Injection Molding
Fitness Equipment Tension Tube Tension Band High Rebound TPETPR Material
May 18, 2021
TPE Injection Molding
Strong Adhesive Coating PP/ABS/PA/PET/PETG, TPE/TPR Materials can be Customized Upon Request
May 18, 2021

Food Grade Oil Resistant Medical Grade TPE Customized TPETPR Materials


Product Details, Specs and Images

Product introduction:

Brilliant’s FA and FB series(Oil Food Grade)is our technicians based on TPE’s technological accumulation over 20 years.In recent years,we have major technical breakthrough for the part of SBS’s epoxidation to the production  of TPS compound and one of the applications is developed in the field of food industry;the FA series had long term contact with oil food without ant swelling.


Grade:HP 5526,FB 6523 FA 7523 and etc

Hardness:over 25 shore A

Estimated delivery time: 15 days

Packaging: PP bag,25 KG /bag

MOQ: 1 ton