TPE Injection Molding
Food Grade Oil Resistant Medical Grade TPE Customized TPETPR Materials
May 18, 2021
TPE Injection Molding
Super Wear-Resistant TPE/TPR Material For Mortar Pipe
May 18, 2021

Strong Adhesive Coating PP/ABS/PA/PET/PETG, TPE/TPR Materials can be Customized Upon Request


Product Details, Specs and Images

  • Product introduction:
  • Brilliant TPE LP series is type of soft thermoplastic elastomer based on styrene copolymer(TPE/TPS).Thanks to the unique modification technology,the series own good processability and hygiene performance.The materials can be produced by adding wood chips.
  • Typical Applications:
  • In all kinds of tool handles,toothbrush handle,pen cap,gasket,cooker handle,products with PP over-molding,light caster,soft product for individually injection,modified PP and other TPE/TPS compound and etc.


Grade:LP 04 series-LP6504 and etc

Estimated delivery time: 15 days

Packaging: PP bag,25 KG /bag

MOQ: 1 ton