TPE Injection Molding
Wood Sawdust, Fiber Environment-Friendly Injectable TPE/TPR Material
May 18, 2021
TPE Injection Molding
TPE/TPR Material With Super Dry Smooth Feel
May 18, 2021

TPE Flame Retardant Antistatic, High-End Custom High Elastic TPE/TPR Materials


Product Details, Specs and Images

Product introduction:

Brilliant’s RON series(oil and wear resistant)is based on our technician’s TPE accumulation for more than twenty years,and on the basis of SBS epoxidation(ESBS) technology breakthrough in recent years,one of the applications in the field of oil resistant,providing a brand new choice for oil resistant rubber products enterprises,and exemption from the exsistence of  a list of problems in traditional rubber vulcanization process.


Grade:RON 651 and etc

Estimated delivery time: 15 days

Packaging: PP bag,25 KG /bag

MOQ: 1 ton