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May 18, 2021
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May 18, 2021

TPE Gloves

High Quality TPE Gloves Manufacturer in China

Ningbo Yihong New Material Technology Co., Limited (Ningbo) is the fastest growing TPE gloves manufacturer in China. Our range of manufacturing and 24/7 delivery is helping us to make a significant impact in the TPE industry.

Why Ningbo as your TPE Gloves Manufacturer?

With its credible research and international standards meeting quality, Ningbo is leapfrogging when it comes to TPE gloves. Here are some of the reasons why you can count on us:
• Good fit on fingertips and hand
• Soft grip
• DINP and DOP free
• Odorless and food safe
• Durable and disposable
• Alternative to Vinyl Glove

What Sets us Apart

Commitment to Quality
Through our unwavering resolve on quality, we have come this long. Our TPE gloves are manufactured under the guidelines of ISO. We follow the guidelines religiously to meet the yardsticks set by ISO and our customers.
We have our separate department for Quality Assurance (QA). The department makes sure that not a single glove unit comes out with an error.

We are Creating Success Stories

Since we cater to different scales of businesses, we are creating different success stories. Since its inception, we have helped dozens of corporations to convert their revenue levels to the next level.
Ningbo, as a professional TPE gloves manufacturer has helped launch several successful TPE brands. We have proudly partnered with several nascent retailers and businesses in China, manufacturing high-quality TPE gloves, scaling million to multi-million dollar brands, and delivering orders on time.

Why Choose Us as Your TPE Gloves Supplier

Flexibility and Freedom
We always strive to offer you a balance between quality and your work. We believe in freedom as freedom gives you the impetus to take your business forward. Through us, you can transform the role and make your business an inspiring one.
International Opportunities
We are a Chinese but fully networked TPE gloves manufacturer. Through our reliable TPR gloves with an online presence, we are aiming to serve countries all over the world. By partnering with us, you can avail yourself of the opportunity to live and sell anywhere in the world.


Product Details, Specs and Images


Weight:180-220 gram/piece

Size:S /M / L /XL

Color:Creamy white and translucent

Packaging:100 pieces/box,90 boxes/carton

Model Number:FG

MOQ:9000 pieces

Estimated delivery time: 15 days