TPE Gloves
May 18, 2021


Quality TPE Manufacturer in China

Ningbo Yihong New Material Technology Co., Limited (Ningbo) is a professional TPE manufacturer in China. Our TPE and related products are making rounds in the Chinese and overseas TPE industry. Due to the significance of TPE, we are making our way in the market rapidly.

After spending a decade in the TPE industry, it is our conviction that networking and lead conversion are not mutually exclusive. Effective production today must weave proven client support principles of the past with branding and storytelling.

What is Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE)?

Well-known for outstanding production levels and technical support, we as a reliable TPE manufacturer offer a wide range of solutions for a broader range of applications. Our portfolio for TPE products includes:

  • Thermoplastic elastomers gloves
  • Thermoplastic elastomers material
  • Thermoplastic polyurethane
  • Thermoplastic polyurethane material
  • Thermoplastic elastomers injection


Why We are Becoming Rapidly Desirable

Unmatched and qualified expertise in plastics processing, polymer science, and research and development work allows us to partner with low to high-level businesses across many industries.

As a TPE manufacturer in China with a significant online presence, we have a worldwide reach now backed by local sales and flawless technical support. This massively allows us to be responsive and loyal to unique customers’ orders.

This is a reason why we are quickly becoming known in the industry as a superior TPR Material.

What Sets us Apart

Quality is the Control

Through a dedicated Quality Control (QC) department, Ningbo’s global approach towards best practices, operations, and service has taken lead in key customer satisfaction metrics. These include:

  • Quick responses on change in direction or strategy,
  • Complete service capabilities,
  • Senior management involvement on accounts,
  • Meeting deadlines and
  • Delivering on what we promise

Client-First Approach

As a fastest growing TPE manufacturer, Ningbo strives to offer its clients an integrated network and client-centric approach in everything. Whether it’s curating stakeholder relationships, developing leadership platforms, creating production strategies, or implementing breakthrough ideas; we paint pictures by keeping our clients in front of us.

Since each customer is unique, standards of production excellence remain universal. Our team of scientists and manufacturing staff offers our clients a seamless flow of new thinking and fresh game-changing ideas.


Product Details, Specs and Images


Weight:180-220 gram/piece

Size:S /M / L /XL

Color:Blue /translucent

Packaging:100 pieces/box,90 boxes/carton

Model Number:MT

MOQ:9000 pieces

Estimated delivery time: 15 days