TPE Injection Molding

Source Quality TPE Injection Molding from Us

Ningbo Yihong New Material Technology Co., Limited is a leading TPE injection molding supplier in China. Our storing structural expertise and experience make us one of the potent players in the TPE industry as an injection molding service provider.
Ningbao supports a range of components for industrial production. Our tooling, engineering, and molding of thousands of manufactured components offer a wide platform of experience to apply to your project.

Why Choose Us

Laser Focus
Our focus remains in investing our expertise within each TPE product we provide to our customers to assure maximum and high-quality client utility.

A mix of Corporate Qualities

We aim to offer maximum value to our TPE and TPR clients. We amalgamate transformation, cost, delivery, and quality in each of our products. Passionate TPE Injection Molding Supplier
We have a firm belief in the mantra of “passion drives success”. Thus, we commit and ensure our clients with TPE products and relevant services that are worth their investment. We make sure value for money is offered and for this, we acquire assistance from skilled professionals and experts.


We believe customer-oriented businesses always flourish and that too in an effective manner. Therefore, our goal remains to give maximum product satisfaction to our clients through our efforts.

Quality and Time

Through various stages of our growth and progression, we always worked hard to maintain a balance between time and quality. We give special attention to each of our customers, TPE Material, grasp their requirements, deliver work with the due date, and maintain high-quality standards throughout the process of TPE injection molding.

We Have the Vision

Our vision is to offer our clients TPE injection molding services that are worth admiration due to their structural expertise and high quality. As an experienced company, we aim to establish brand loyalty and commitment by acquiring skilled individuals that have a robust sense of reliability and passion within their work commitments.
We maintain a passion for our work with a positive attitude, and getting familiarized with the technological advancement to match each dimension of our client’s needs.