TPE Material

Source One of the Top TPE Material Suppliers

Whether you are operating in an automotive, oil & gas, marine, mining, or any other relevant industry, TPE is a go-to material. And the good news is Ningbo Yihong New Material Technology Co., Limited is one of the top-performing TPE material suppliers in China.

What is TPE?

TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) is a fatigue-resistant sheet that is a combination of polypropylene and rubber. Due to its rubber content, TPE resists heat the most and it requires heating to a higher temperature compared to polypropylene for thermoforming.
Once TPE is formed, uniform cooling is needed to reduce distortion and warpage. TPE offers more flexibility compared to co-polymer or polypropylene but is more rigid than LDPE.

Benefits of TPE

As one of the fastest-growing Chinese TPE material suppliers, you get the following benefits:
• TPE is a natural solution for coextruded components
• Available in both flexible and rigid options
• You can color parts
• You can scrap and recycle TPE
• Stretched lifespan
• Provides both shock absorption and slip resistance
• You get extreme flexibility compared to standard solutions

What Sets us Apart

We are Everywhere
From boots to bottles to junction boxes, toys to kayaks to decks, processors, and specifiers of products call on Ningbo to be their trustworthy polymer partner.
The very trust is something we have earned through the continuous delivery of custom solutions. As one of the quality TPE material suppliers, our solution exceeds our customers’ requirements and expectations.

Attention to Detail

We do a thorough assessment in five areas –
Quality of:
• Performance,
• Thinking,
• Service,
• People, and
• Relationship
These five areas enable us to give attention to detail to our customers’ needs.
Quality with Technology
Owing to the product quality and technology, the increase in awareness on environment protection, and packaging safety in the polymer industry, the demands for high-performance TPE material have increased manifold.
We, as one of the leading TPE material suppliers, provide our customers with quality TPE Injection with professional technology as well as the development of customized formulae. WE take care of national laws and regulations and have relevant ISO certifications.