TPR Material

High Quality Chinese TPR Material Suppliers

Ningbo Yihong New Material Technology Co., Limited is going neck to neck among other Chinese TPR material suppliers. Why? The simple answer is 20 years of experience and seamless working in a harsh and complex environment.
What Sets us Apart?
Quality Assurance
Our commitment to quality is exemplary.
All our employees across operating departments and management levels share this responsibility. Therefore we commit ourselves to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients as one of the genuine TPR material suppliers.
Our policies assure the training of our employees is up-to-date, dynamic, and at the forefront of our industry. Our staff’s expertise ensures that stern quality standards are met in each aspect of our work. We make sure our experience allows us to develop product different products so that it facilitates consistent and successful production.
Environment Friendly As one of the progressive TPR material suppliers, we are continually striving to improve our performance in respect of environmental activities and operations. Where possible, we work with our business partners to accomplish environment-friendly goals.

Source Top Quality TPR Manufacturer to Please Our Customers

Are you in a quest of controlling your business while still counting on your supplier to support you actively? Looking forward to growing exponentially in the TPR industry, with the aid of a recognized Chinese TPR manufacturer? If yes then you are at the right place.

Why We are Growing Fast as a TPR manufacturer?

In one word – due to our workforce and manufacturing setup!
Our status as a dependable TPR manufacturer in the industry is because of our talented teammates. Our one-of-a-kind infrastructure offers unrivaled quality control and material testing. With quality control divisions and almost a decade of expertise, we got the capacity to deliver quality TPR solutions, no matter the customer or product.
Our engineers and sophisticated technical and analytical labs enable us to develop continually to solve your corporate problems.
Why Choose Us
We bring our customers and partners together in a collaborative relationship that addresses the potential of our products. Workable ideas can come from anyone and from anywhere. The next successful idea that will boost our brand into the years to come may already be thought about someone’s workstation. This is the way that we are moving forward as the next big TPE Manufacturer.